The Ins and Outs of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is anything to do with the legal remedies and defenses that are involved in civil lawsuits as a result of a wrongful act. In these cases, an injury attorney is needed. In these specific cases, the government is not involved in the prosecution, but they do involve a private plaintiff seeking compensation. Compensation is usually a monetary amount for the harm caused by the actions of the defendant.

Most personal injury cases are negligence based. This includes car accidents caused by drunk drivers, dog bites from vicious animals that were not properly restrained, and medical complications that resulted from a physician’s carelessness. In these instances, the responsible party posed a risk to others, and because of this negligence, the plaintiff was injured.

Other cases of personal injury law may include intentional torts such as assault, battery, trespass, theft, false imprisonment, or any other infliction of emotional distress.

Once negligence has been established, the defendant has to pay the plaintiff for the injuries caused by the actions of the defendant. Some cases are more straightforward and cover the cost of medical bills and property damage. Other cases are more complicated because emotional distress and loss of income have to take into consideration.

It can be difficult to identify the proper defendants in a tort action because certain parties simply do not have the means to pay a large judgment. This is one of the reasons why an injury lawyer will be required-so that additional parties can be identified and sued is they are liable in relationship to the tortfeasor. An example can include an employer or landlord.

If a client has a personal injury case in the Texas area, then a Texas injury attorney will be required in order to make things right and to get justice served.